EVA 4000 Shut down and restart procedures

EVA 4000 Shut down and restart procedures

Power Down

  1. Stop the I/O. Stop all hosts first, except the one on which the command view EVA is running. If this host is a dedicated SMA, then no LUNs are presented to it, so open the Command View EVA application. If you don’t have any dedicated SMA, stop its applications first but leave the Command View EVA running.
  2. Shutting down via the Command View is HP preferred method, it performs the following:
    1. Flushes cache.
    2. Removes power from the controllers.
    3. Disables cache battery power.
    4. Removes power from the drive enclosures.
    5. Disconnects the system from the Command View EVA.

  3. The shutdown procedure:
    1. Launch the Command View EVA app.
    2. In the Navigation Pane, Click the Storage name.
    3. Go to Initialized Storage system properties.
    4. Click the POWER DOWN in the SYSTEM SHUTDOWN section.
    5. Wait for the shutdown procedure to finish and then turn off the circuit breakers on both of the EVA PDUs.
    6. Turn off the power switch on the rear of each HSV controller.
    7. If this is the only EVA shutdown:
      1. Switch off the SAN switches.
      2. Switch off the LAN switches.

Power On

  1. Switch on the LAN switches.
  2. Switch on the SAN switches.
  3. Switch on the SMA/EVA management host.
  4. Power on the circuit breakers on both EVAs PDUs
  5. Wait 3 minutes and check if all drive enclosure disks are ready (LEDs).
  6. Power on the upper HSV controller. it will become the master controller.
  7. Wait 10 seconds and power on the lower HSV controller.
  8. verify that the OCP panel is showing the EVAs name and WWN.
  9. Launch the Command View EVA. If the EVA is not visible, click discovery, if it is still not visible, restart the SMA.

via the Command View EVA check the array status to ensure that everything is operating properly.